Shake and Shingle

Cedar Impressions and Northwoods provide many options for an accent or whole house application to recreate the authentic natural wood textures and variable patterns of cedar shakes and shingles. Northwoods faithfully recreates the natural textures of both cedar shakes and shingles. The eight classic Cedar Impressions styles precisely recreate the timeless appeal of freshly sawn wood using authentic patterns and textures.

Our Line of Asphalt Shingles

Cedar Impressions

Cedar Impressions shake and shingle siding is available in several styles and features the most authentic wood look in the industry, TrueTexture.


Ruggedly beautiful, Northwoods faithfully recreates the natural textures and variable patterns of cedar shakes.


Whether your home fits neatly into a specific architectural style or is more of a hybrid, CertainTeed has siding profiles and textures that will highlight its best features. No other manufacturer offers such a wide variety of siding products and materials, carefully designed to work together for a coherent, natural look.


Molded textures and patterns replicating the effect of saw blades on real cedar and reminiscent of cedar cut at sawmills from the early settlements throughout New England.


With clean edges and smooth lines complementing the quiet beauty of the natural wood textures, perfection texture creates a more refined look.

Rough Split

Rough Split Shakes have a deeper wood texture and split-by-hand appearance to dress a home in a rustic style and to enhance its natural charm.

ColorView Design Tool

Do you want to see what your house could look like with our shingles? Our ColorView design wizard makes it easy! Just upload a photo of your home, or use one of our pre-selected projects and start designing. With Certainteed shingles the only limit is your imagination.